Baywatch: Trikes

Baywatch: Trikes

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Man, no one is more of a weirdo than the dude who rocks a trike. I gotta admit, I could see me and the ol lady cruising the streets in a V-Dub-powered whisky barrel, poppin' wheelies and having fun. Damn thing would take up the whole garage though, wouldn't it? Someday, maybe when I'm all old and crippled up it'd be cool. In the meantime I'll just check a couple out on eBay once in a while and wonder to myself just what the hell these guys were thinking.

50K? Say what?
eBay item no: 290296333840

Champange Edition! Dude spent two years of his life building it and she just didn't dig it.
eBay item no: 190288988760

Poor bug. Never hurt anyone.
eBay item no: 150327575668

Now that's a pretty classy unit. Add a 2180 and some wheelie bars...
eBay item no: 150327397801

Servi-Cars are exempt from weirdo status. Perfect for big beer runs, who doesn't want one of these just for fun?
eBay item no: 140302190956

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