Instagram: @mattgruenhagen

Location: Delano, Minnesota

Bike Year / Motor: 1950 / Panhead

What have you done? Got the motor and tranny all done both are completely fresh and gone threw. Molded the frame and painted it also. I have pretty much the bike mocked up the way I want it. Also had some Stuff chromed already.

What do you have left to do? A lot. Still have to finish my tin set plan on doing molding on them. Springer needs to get rebuilt and refinished. Still have to pin stripe the frame. Also want to make mid controls. Send more stuff off to chrome. Wire the bike.

Any problems so far? Not too many so far. Some of the piece didn’t want to fit after chrome so thats some hand fitting. Sanding the body filler was a lot of work not a problem but a pain. Hahah

Favorite part of the bike so far? The frame and molding. This is the first time I have done paint on a bike. I have a good mentor to learn from tho so that helps. Looking forward to future. learning on more painting

Favorite part of the competition? Having a timeline. Actually makes you motivated to go out in the garage and work. Also cool seeing all the other builders talent out there

Want to give any shout outs? Lowbrow customs, dennis kirk, throttle addiction. My wife and daughter for letting me spend all my time in the shop. Also friends and family for the help.