What a Stash!

Wow. Call the bank and a trucking company mama, I'm gonna fill the barn with rusty old junk!

Sam Goodman’s grandfather started a motorcycle repair business in 1919. His father recently passed away and his Sam has decided to take over the family farm instead of continue the business, so this huge inventory from S&G Custom Cycles is being offered for sale individually on-site as a no reserve auction. There are over 387 vintage bikes, truckloads of parts, a few odd cars, and a crashed Cessna(!). It is all happening June 25th in Columbia, Tennessee, with the items available for inspection the day before.

Click here for the Bator Auctions Catalog and auction details.

Tenessee Motorcycle Warehouse Sale - Rafters

Get ready for the names: Triumph, Indian, Honda, Harley Davidson, BSA, Yamaha, Lilac, BMW, Kawasaki, Cushman, Zundapp, Ural, OZ, Suzuki, NSU, Sears, Bridgestone, and the list goes on. It is interesting how the bikes are from all eras and countries, this is not a typical one-dimensional motorcycle collection. Unlike typical barn stash offerings, this one is very well organized and administered with a fully itemized listing page and photo catalog.