Slab City Riot 2 Update

Slab City Riot 2 Update

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This thing is coming together!
Thanks to some new sponsors for jumping in with both feet. Trumpnut, Old Gold Garage Co., Kickstart Cycle Supply and Fastlane Tattoo. These people are into motorcycles and grass roots event and put their money where their mouth is, so support 'em!

A third band has been added to the mix. We're stoked to have Bricktop playing this year, they're riding out from Tucson and are going to kick your ass.

The music is going to be off the hook, starting with Shelby Cobra & The Mustangs. This is good solid outlaw country kinda music which will be a good way to get things started. They should be going on around sunset. You can preview some of their music on Facebook or buy it on iTunes. Bricktop comes on next and are guaranteed to add some energy to this deal in heavy doses.

Once you are good and loaded watch out for the freaks in ninja suits... The final band will be the New York Ninjas. From Orange County. Not the Orange County in New York or wherever that dumb chopper show was from, our Orange County. Solid punk rock and roll with a feverish stage presence, these guys are going to rule the Slabs.

Thanks to everyone who is pitching in on this, it's gonna be a barn burner for sure.