Riding Motorcycles Is Fun!

Riding Motorcycles Is Fun!

Thanks to everyone who showed up for today's little informal ride. I met some cool folks and saw some great bikes. Funny how many modified evo sporties keep popping up lately, maybe I'm just finally paying attention to 'em, I don't know? We also had a grip of modern Triumphs, all of which got a superb flogging!

Anyway, we had a great ride. I expected about four people and twenty showed up. Eight of us finished together and hung out at the Roadhouse for a beer or two. I sure hope the rest of you made it back all right. We were hauling ass for the most part, but waited at several gas stops and major intersections and just never hooked up again. Next time we'll go the opposite direction to mix it up and go uphill on some of those best sections.

Big "thank you" to everyone, I had a good time and hope you did too.

A few pics here, but nothing spectacular.