OG Dezert Sled

OG Dezert Sled

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Here's a copy of an e-mail my Dad sent me recently about him riding and racing dirt bikes in the early 70's. I figured I would share the nostalgia.

Here are some pics of the dirtbike that I had that was a Rickman.

Bike floated around my hometown for several years and I got hold of it in late '72. It originally had a Bultaco 250cc engine. Side covers for the area under the seat had been lost during its wanderings from owner to owner. Motor was trashed when I got the bike so... I got hold of a 360 CZ engine and put it in the frame.

Pictures of the bike in yellow were taken after I had it together the first time.

The picture of me on the bike is from an MX race at Live Oak Springs in September 73, just before I went into the Air Force. I borrowed a 21 inch front wheel assembly for the race. The 19 inch was good for the desert, but sucked on the MX track.
The pictures of the bike with the frame painted red was from late '74 just after I finished rebuilding it during Christmas leave from the Air Force. Rear hub was upgraded to a cable style brake hub from a Kawasaki 350 Bighorn. Front rim was also upgraded to a 21 inch rim.