Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Christmas was a bust this year, but New Years Eve was better than ever. I just bought a 2007 BMW G650x Challenge. Beemer's stacking 'em deep and sellin' 'em cheap, 'cause they gave me $1500 off AND low financing with no money down. Billdozer's desert exploits have everyone at Biltwell HQ talking Dual Sport, and I wanted to add a strange bike to our eclectic quiver of Triumphs, Sportsters, Panheads and CB450 basket cases (more on that later...)

I've got plenty of chopping to do on the X Challenge to make it dirt worthy, but those chores will have to wait until after our New Years party. From everyone at Biltwell, best wishes for a warm holiday season and a prosperous 2008...

-- McGoo

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