Back From AZ!!!

Back From AZ!!!

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What a Trip! Great to see a bunch of old friends and all the new ones too. We had break downs, good rides, great camping, hospitality above and beyond from the Foundry Crew, another dust bowl event, Rad bikes, great food, its all a blur but we had a blast! Here is a few pics we are able to post, Matt and links to some of the crews we hung with so check out their blogs for more as well. Huge thanks to Boyle, Pat, Rouser, Nathan, Baby Jesus, Brianne, The Whole Foundry Crew, Dawn Rosa Cole, Kara Lenae, Candy Rocks, Marty, Chica, Scout, Shannon, Gabe, Murray, everyone that stopped by and of course Josh!

Chicken dance? Cock Fight? Just Charlie havin some fun. Good Luck today Charlie!!!!!

1 of 2 he owned.
This one won all kinds of Easyriders races in the early 90's.

Boyle and Pat
This is a race!
No its not!
Yes it is!
Ok on 3, ready . . .

I'll take the high road and meet ya there guys.

Josh installing some struts! That is a very rare special tool he is using called a "torque elbow" to do the install with.

Foundry Flat out Rules!