Instagram: @whiterabbitmcquiston

Location: Long Beach, California

Bike Year / Motor: 1951 / HD 45” G series

What have you done? Built the Frame Handlebars Sissybar got everything mounted still some final adjustments needed but we are getting close……

What do you have left to do? Need to make oiltank, adjuster for my 3 speed/ bottom fender mount finish exhaust and some more finish work before chrome wiring and paint

Any problems so far? Had couple clearance issues here and there no huge catastrophic break downs the usual pain in the ass stuff

Favorite part of the bike so far? Handlebars & frame pretty proud of the frame and bars learned some cool new tricks along the way been practicing my torch brazing seems to be getting better I guess depends on what day it is lol

Favorite part of the competition? Trying to build a bike from scratch in time allowed keeps it interesting as far as time management not to mention running shop and keeping up with all my customers makes for some added fun…. Wouldn’t have it any other way pretty stoked and thankful to just be involved in this show this far ….

Want to give any shout outs? Huge shout out to Biltwell peoples champ Bornfree show and all the other sponsors that put these shows on Thank you for having a place to showcase our skills and custom builds in Front of like minded people among the custom motorcycle world