Instagram: @shais_garage

Location: Encino, California

Bike Year / Motor: 1947 / Knucklehead FL

What have you done? In the last few months I’ve been tackling little things on the roller and figuring out exactly what I want this thing to look like really and how not to go overboard and stay timeless! I don’t really like switching up the bikes I build so a lot of thought and imagination goes into them before hand. Trying to put my touch on a lot of little details and fab as much in house as possible. Ordered all the new parts needed for the motor and trans rebuild and squared away all the finishes for it as well! Sometimes building choppers is driving around to the chromer, blaster, hardware store etc. A lot of the parts I made for this bike have been the first I’ve ever made including the handle bars and the sissy bar! The tank turned out to be a happy accident and I ended up scooting it back and mounting it underneath for a floating look! I have some wild ideas but we’ll see if they come to life!

What do you have left to do? Once I get the drivetrain back it will be go time to button up the fab work and finish the bike unpainted! I want to definitely do something to the rear fender but not quite sure what although if I follow through with that wild idea could be killer! It will come to me. There’s a handful to do even after but I am excited and can’t wait to move forward. Im excited to wrap up the 2-4 atlas pipes with the headers I want to use and make the foot controls! I have some cool ideas but I haven’t gotten to mock up the motor quite yet! Baby steps tho, little by little and should be a bitchen chopper!

Any problems so far? I smoke 2 joints in the morning
I smoke two joints at night
I smoke two more in the afternoon
It make me feel all right!

Favorite part of the bike so far? The whole bike is pretty damn cool it’s got that timeless recipe but sticks out to me as unique and different in a sea of similar bikes! If I had to choose though I’d probably say the handlebars are more or less what I decided to build the entire bike around so that would take it right there!

Favorite part of the competition? Not going to lie because it’s going to be in the show I decided to push myself outside the boundaries a little bit and even though everything’s been done if it’s new to me or it’s something I haven’t done yet that’s what keeps me going! So I am hyped to be a part of the selected invited people’s champ build and do something wild for me!

Want to give any shout outs? Shout out to anyone showing even the slightest amount of love it doesn’t get over looked and motivates me greatly and I appreciate you! My girlfriend, my family and my friends and my longest homie my African grey Momo! One time for the San Fernando Valley! Roots run deep this way and I’m stoked to be doing the damn thing where they once did long time ago!