Instagram: @_bs.accessories_

Location: New Jersey

Bike Year / Motor: 1946 / 56 80” Indian Chief

What have you done? Made 80” chief motor fit into 50s pre unit swing arm frame. Make all the geometry work together to turn the motor the trans and the rear wheel. Custom exhaust. Custom molded/scooped tin set. Made custom motor and transmission mounts. Built pre unit front end. Retrofitted stock pre unit primaries to house Chief engine and triumph transmission alignment (it was a nightmare, that only I’ll notice, like a million other things on the bike).

What do you have left to do? Paint. Chrome. Brazing the frame components that were altered to fit chief. Changing my mind 35 times before it’s all over so check back in after they send me to the next. Assemble. Fire it up.

Any problems so far? It’s actually all gone smoother than we ever thought it would, being that it’s a completely mix matched project.

Favorite part of the bike so far? The tins.

Favorite part of the competition? Competing with myself to get a new thing done each week.

Want to give any shout outs? My family! @fagengine @vintagetriumphsupply @classicbritiahspares @kiwiindianmotorcycles #markdrews