Hell Ride

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I had pretty low expectations for this movie after reading all the crappy reviews. But, with an all-star cast, Mitch Cotie's artwork used for the MC's colors, and a chance to see custom bikes on the big screen, I wasn't about to miss it. Of course it's not playing in my town, or anywhere within 50 miles, so it was a good excuse to ride to San Diego and see it with friends. Josh and I headed south and picked up the Coach along the way. We met Fredo and Oscar (The Shovel Brothers, who both had their bikes out on semi-maiden voyages) as well as Joel and Rojo Dave (thanks for the beers Dave, sure your new neighbors love you now!) It was worth it just to get out and ride on a Sunday night while the weather is so warm. Anyway, the movie, right? I'm no film critic, but I like naked girls, violence and motorcycles so I'm easily pleased. Sure, the riding shots looked like they were filmed at about 10mph, but a few of the guys looked like they could actually handle a bike, though regretfully Dennis Hopper wasn't one of them. Every shot of him riding the Indian was from behind. The girls were great and the plot was slightly better than a 70's porn flick. I doubt it will make a ton of money or become a pop-culture icon, especially with the limited release, but it's worth seeing for sure. Anyone know where to buy a good crossbow?

Oscar =Y= Fredo
(Oscar and Fredo, good to see you guys out on those bikes!)

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