Bud Ekins Memorial

Bud Ekins Memorial

November 12, 2007

I took this from the Bud Ekins site but go there and read it.

Bud is a hero who started racing on a Harley but came up on Matchless and most well known in his Triumph days. He won multiple Catalina Grand Prix's, the Big Bear and countless races every weekend and even represented The U.S. in the Olympics winning Gold. He is probably most noted for his stunt riding in "The Great Escape". He is the one doing the stunt for Steve McQueen jumping over the Barbed Wire Fence which some say is the best motorcycle stunt ever filmed. Bud passed on Oct 6. This memorial event pays tribute to Bud Ekins. A tough kid, a motorcycle racer, a stuntman and true American Legend.

Check out the Memorial here.